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Harrer is introduced to the 14th Dalai Lama, who is still a boy, and becomes one of his tutors.

During their time together, Heinrich becomes a close friend to the young spiritual leader.

Aufschnaiter falls in love with the tailor, Pema Lhaki, and marries her. However, he receives a cold letter from his son, rejecting Harrer as his father, and this deters him from leaving Tibet.

In the film, Harrer is hailed as a 'German hero', and replies "Thank you, but I'm Austrian".As the Chinese invade and occupy Tibet, Harrer condemns Ngawang Jigme for betraying his country, declaring their friendship over.Harrer further shames the senior official by returning the jacket that Ngawang Jigme gave him as a present, which is a grave insult in Tibetan culture.Some time after the film's release, director Annaud confirmed that two crews secretly shot footage for the film in Tibet, amounting to approximately 20 minutes of footage in the final film.Other footage was shot in Nepal, Austria and Canada.

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There, they become the house guests of Tibetan diplomat Kungo Tsarong (Mako).

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