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“Maybe it’s because I’m subconsciously aware of his mortality.

I try not to think about it, but somewhere inside of me, I’m like, He’s going to die way sooner than all the rest of the people I know!

It’s a gift.”It is noon, and everyone breaks for lunch. These people have been doing this for years and years, so I really feel like an amateur.

And I —at least in this medium, which is like a whole other planet.”A month earlier, on a chilly day in March, I meet Seyfried for breakfast at the Roost, a restaurant near her new country house in Stone Ridge in upstate New York, not far from where I live in Woodstock.

And while it may sound like business as usual, yet another Hollywood actress out to prove she’s serious, it’s a very big deal for Seyfried because the thought of getting up in front of audience has always been paralyzing.

A few years ago, she famously downed a couple of shots of Jameson to calm her nerves before going on Letterman and appeared drunk on TV.

“But this is exactly what I wanted.” Marysia for Everything but Water swimsuit crop top. Granted, she has been hugging me hello and goodbye over the past several weeks that we’ve been meeting, but there is something extra-intense about this hug that seems to say, Oh, thank God. It’s the third day of rehearsals for a new Neil La Bute play directed by Leigh Silverman that goes into previews in less than a month.

“I really do have my own identity, both inside and outside the relationship, if that makes any sense. It’s also really good to feel OK being alone.” Sounds like a healthy attitude for an actor dating another actor. But making movies is two solid months of twelve-, fourteen-hour days. And if you make too many bad decisions in a row, people don’t come knocking anymore.”Seyfried bought her spread in Stone Ridge last October and after some renovation spent her first night here on New Year’s Eve. She has a very strong constitution.”Though I loved and he described her as “a resourceful and engaging young actress industriously turning herself into a movie star.” Perhaps the reason I had not realized I was seeing the same actress is that Seyfried has had a singularly varied career: She has done small independent films, comedies, musicals, big-budget Hollywood blockbusters, and creepy thrillers. It’s hard to turn things down, because it’s in me to want to always be working.

One of the things Seyfried and Long have in common is that they are both very close to their families. And I want them to go to local schools, and there are some really good schools around here. It is a farm, with horses and a tractor and caretaker, and when she talks about these details you can hear a little regret in her voice about the fact that, at the moment, she is too busy to enjoy it. “She’s with the best guy, and it’s going to be great—better than my own party. But it’s the choices and the breaks that separate you from the rest, I think.”From the beginning, when she was a teenager on daytime soaps up until She plays the prostitute of the title, whom Julianne Moore hires to seduce her husband (Liam Neeson), but Moore’s character winds up having an affair with Chloe herself.

Even in our newly hug-happy world, one in which political rivals routinely embrace one another like sorority sisters at a reunion, Seyfried’s capacity for the deep hug stands out.

Though Seyfried, who turns 30 later this year, has been working in TV and film since she was a teenager, this is her first play.

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You can see it in her devotion to her friends; her dog, Finn; and her family.”Given that devotion, it’s been somewhat to Seyfried’s consternation that her life for the past month has been a nonstop whirlwind.

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