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But Ethan doesn't mind that - he could use some peace and quiet.

The boat building business the three (now four) of them started was going smoothly and the situation settles down for a bit.

Being their house keeper and cleaning up whenever she can, that being her job, she took on more jobs to survive. Despite her pride and stubbornness, she takes everything said to her to heart and is quick to come to conclusions, but is also strong and very defiant and when she needs to prove a point, she doesn't back down from the fight.

Having a strained and difficult relationship with her own father after she got divorced after giving birth to her beautiful daughter Aubrey, made her only more determined to show that she can do everything alone. But, she is now very afraid that she would lose her job to Anna, having just married into the family and being concurrence for the house touches...

Afraid of ruining her and tainting her because of what happened him, he stays calculated, calm, patient and alone. His past affects everything he does - making him a person who would rather be alone that hurt anyone unwillingly.

Nora deals with some heavy themes in these books as each and every single brother in Quinn's household went through many traumatic events of each kind.

But they went through the worst and darkest parts in their lives and stepped into the light with the help provided by two people who only wanted to save lost souls.

And Ethan has definitely one of the worst pasts out of everyone.

◈ Ethan , 30 years old, was saved when he was 12 from the past that brutally broke him physically as well as mentally.

He was saved by the kindness of Quinns, but they could never fix him completely.

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