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It was a bittersweet moment when I finally got married.15 years on, we now have five beautiful kids and I’m happy with my decision.

It’s not a big problem now but in the long term, I suppose we’ll be required to adapt to different cultures even more than we do now.He’s Chindian, I’m Chinese Indonesian, and we can relate to not feeling like we belong to one group or the other.I often get scolded for not knowing how to speak Mandarin, but he gets impressed smiles when he’s able to speak Mandarin to hawkers.I’m still bad with curries and spicy food and she finds most Chinese food bland, but we’re warming up to each other’s cuisines.Honestly, most of our problems are the same as any other couples’.

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My marriage paved the way for even more mixed marriages in my extended family; it proves that it is possible to be happy despite being so different.

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