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The index is alphabetical by species, then subspecific ranks, then date.The order of the data is Genus, species, subspecies/variety/ forma, (basionym author if different) Author, date published:page. TL: [Type locality], collector and type if known, date collected.Engelmann until 1848, the first species which belong to the genus were described by Augustin de Candolle in 1828 from collections made by Thomas Coulter in central Mexico.These were Cereus pentalophus and Cereus cinerascens.Lyman Benson, are no longer with us, but without their help the index project would have been abandoned many years ago.Recently I have had the assistance of many people via the Cactus_ect e-mail list, in particular Lino Di Martino, Andreas and Martina Ohr, Billie Beaston, Bill La Haye, and Michael Lange.Names that do not conform to the standards of botanical nomenclature have been marked with an asterisk. that probably belong to the later properly published name, but in some cases the different names refer to entirely different plants.Since the name of a plant includes the name of its author and date it has been necessary in some cases to list the name more than once. I hope this index will be of help to everyone interested in the study, propagation, and preservation of these marvelous plants.

Britton and Rose’s monograph provided a starting point, to which were added names from the Index Kewensis and the Gray Herbarium Card Catalog.Information relating to other possible synonyms based on taxonomic interpretations are contained in notes at the end of each entry.The application of taxonomic synonyms is subject to different interpretation by different botanists.An asterisk * after other names means the name is invalid or illegitimate. Permission to copy or reprint for noncommercial purposes is granted.Names in bold are index base names and are followed by information about the basionym and other publication data.

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Taylor (1985b) added those plants formerly classed as Wilcoxia to Echinocereus and the index has been revised to reflect this addition.

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