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"We made the album quite a while before this current political chaos, even before the elections got into full swing," says the band's drummer/producer Ryan Rabin.

"It's talking more about an emotional mess, and 'big mess' as a state of mind, not the chaos that exists on the planet." After "basically touring for four years straight" - through releasing their debut LP, 2011's Never Trust A Happy Song, and second, 2013's Spreading Rumours - Grouplove wanted to settle down, and spend some time at home.

I went through the highs and lows of the music business when I was real young." Rabin had put his music career on hold and was spending a semester studying abroad in Prague when Wessen emailed him, out of the blue, and asked him to come to Crete. "So, I flew to Crete, thinking Andrew was going to pick me up from the airport, but when I got there, no one was waiting for me.

Rabin was still in high school when his band, The Outline, were mooted for success."I knew I was always going to make music, but I didn't know if I was going to be able to get to do this, if I'd ever be financially successful. And, then, Grouplove happened, in the most unexpected way, when I finally gave up trying".Grouplove 'happened', in that origin-story way, when Hooper walked into a show where Zucconi was playing, solo."We were all striving for normalcy after years of living a non-normal lifestyle," Rabin says. Finally getting off the road, our lives all just felt so messy." Rabin was thrown into planning his wedding, which became a 'Safari-themed' extravaganza held in a national park in South Africa - where his family hail from - that was lavish enough to be covered by Vogue.And for Grouplove's co-vocalists, Zucconi and Hannah Hooper, things were about to get even messier.

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