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“It was his approval I most wanted,” said Denver, who chose a music career over the military much to his father’s dismay. When I began flying, we really began having a great relationship.I think by then he had real joy in my success and appreciated the work I was doing.” Denver earned his pilot’s license the same year and began soaring through the Colorado skies that had inspired many of his songs.Built in 1987, it had 800 to 900 hours on it, “about average for a plane its age,” according to Solvang, Calif., veterinarian Van Snow, from whom Denver bought it about four weeks before his death for between ,000 and ,000.Snow says Denver had it checked out by two mechanics, who both gave it a thumbs-up.Two days after the accident, officials announced that he had been flying without the medical certificate necessary for all approved pilots.According to wire reports, though, it had been suspended because Denver had twice been arrested on drunk-driving charges.“It’s one of the very fastest Long EZs in the world, and it’s won several competitions,” Snow told PEOPLE.“I’ve had no mechanical problems with it.” Last Saturday, Denver took a final lesson at Santa Maria in the plane, which he had just had painted.

With royalties from his 1974 hit album , Denver bought a Learjet—which he eventually piloted himself to concerts.His license was suspended after he pleaded guilty to “driving while impaired.” Denver performed community service as part of his sentence. 21, 1994, he totaled his Porsche on his way home in Aspen.He suffered only minor injuries and last July escaped serious charges when a trial resulted in a hung jury. (His brother Ron, now 48, is a customer-service rep for Lockheed Martin, living in Aurora, Colo., near their mother, Erma, 75.) John was an Air Force brat who finally stayed put when the Deutschendorfs settled in Fort Worth in 1957.And while searching the silver Porsche Denver had left (with the top down) at the Monterey Peninsula Airport, police found an unloaded antique pistol under the seat in a bag with ammunition.His personal life, too, had its share of hidden edges.

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” “They were his last words,” said National Transportation Safety Board spokesman George Petterson.

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