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Dear, When I saw you for the first time, I knew I had found someone wonderful.And ever since then, all I have wanted is to be with you.VAU or WAW (PEG): is the archetype of male fertilization that is required for creation. CAPH (PALM of the hand): The archetype or prototype of receivers, or containers, from which other containers are copies.LAMED (STAFF): The principle of the conscious connecting link.All physical life comes from a seed or sperm and from the egg.All Spiritual life comes from spiritual conception.This Valentine’s Day, let your darling bask in a newfound joy as you write a letter revealing the secrets of your heart and confiding in your partner.

Creation, both physical and spiritual, is a merging of male and female. And these concepts are embedded in the symbols of the proto-Hebrew letters. Remember there are three phases: The “conception” followed by the first manifestation in the womb (growth in the womb), the comes the final manifestation when the entity is born to live forever.The female “side” (mistranslated “rib” ) was taken from Man leaving Man with only the male side. Like the ARMS above that grasped at the time of conception, the PALM of the Hand now holds what was dreamed about, and waited in the womb, and is now manifested in Reality. Final PE (MOUTH): Like Pe[80] and Cheth[8] from the mouth eternal words forever shape the future.Final MEM (WATER): The cosmic state of fertility in Man, both in mind and body. Final TZADDI (SIDE): The eternal force or archetype of womanhood as part of future creation [the remain separate and equal “Sons” in the eyes of their Family [Elahim]Some believe that Hebrew was the first language ever spoken. I also believe that Hebrew, in its best form and sound, will be restored to become the language of all for the ages to come.The famous and the wise people around the world have believed in the power of love letters and the miracles they can do to a relationship.These letters of affection and mutual admiration have seen many a love-stricken soul finding happiness.

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