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With so many services, including financial and platforms that power the sharing economy, AU10TIX has plenty of room to grow.Gemalto – Synchronizing And Streamlining Document Authentication Government agencies, like the Department of Motor Vehicles, also benefit from ID authentication technology.Scammers profit from it by creating thousands of fake profiles on dating websites around the world.When a foreigner falls in love with a beautiful picture and starts intense online communication, he is asked to pay for visa and flights for his virtual "bride".To build trust, the scammer will send a copy of the passport containing a photo of the "bride," but it would have the data belonging to a money mule who is more than happy to get a few thousand dollars and forever break the trusting heart of the unsuspecting lover."A 37-year-old man from Germany met a woman from Russia online.For DMV workers, Gemalto’s Coesys Document Verification is simple to use and provides instantaneous results for identifying counterfeit documents and accepting genuine ones.It doesn't matter if you are a consumer, a retailer, or a clerk at the DMV, document authentication is critical to keeping you and your business safe. What technologies and trends are changing the way businesses identify their customers?

And a person falling heads over heels in love becomes easy prey for fraudsters.In the emerging world of new Fin Tech, the sharing economy, and other online technologies, validating user identification is critically important.How can these services know that their new user is really who they claim to be? Now in the computer age, people are using better technology to commit fraud, so we need better technology to fight it.Dealing with so many incoming customer identifying documents such as passports, identity cards, and driver's licenses is expensive and time consuming.The overload of documents naturally explains why most authentication services are notoriously slow, error prone, and involve costly manual processing.

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This solution reduces the burden of manual updates on each authentication workstation located within the DMV field offices.

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