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She was an older woman, divorced, and renting out the small apartment above her garage. I found myself wishing I'd worn something other than my ragged cut-offs and the little pink t-shirt that showed off my belly button.It wasn't much, but I could afford it and the hard part had been convincing her to let me have the place. " she'd asked me, and I'd blinked and reddened and wondered how anyone could be that rude. This had been during the summer though, the dog days of August, and just standing in the shade of her front porch had been hot enough to make me sweat.Caution: This Bestiality Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant, Bestiality, .

I wanted to be a graphic artist or something, I wasn't really sure, but I liked art and I was kind of good at it anyway."Thank you so much." I smiled and signed the simple rental agreement half an hour later, giving Mrs.Perkins very nearly all the cash I'd brought with me.My old boyfriend, the one in the army, had tried hard and often to get into my panties, but I'd managed to fend him off.A little kissing was nice and occasionally his hands would wander to find my breasts, but that was as far as we'd gone for the two years we'd dated.

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