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We feel frustrated, angry and wounded because we don’t feel that we have a right of reply.Even if we speak up, it may just make the situation worse, after all, if these people have decided to believe this stuff, they may decide that us sticking up for ourselves is us trying to convince and convert.As humans, we have a disposition to concern ourselves with what others think.It hurts when we do our best to be decent people, to love and care generously (sometimes too much so), only for that to be mistaken for weakness and treated like this bad thing that makes us tricky to offload.

We don’t like to think that we loved someone who could be so immature, unkind, and even malicious.If your ex is narcissistically inclined, they’ll be very charming and manipulative but they will also have harem members who will be too damn scared to rock the boat by questioning the claims. They discard you, mess with your head, and next thing you know, you’re looking for validation from them and you’re at their disposal because you’ve inadvertently become complicit in their deception by still wanting them despite their shoddy behaviour.People who don’t fabricate reasons to support their decision to break up – it’s making a decision back to front – or who don’t go around spinning stories so that they can make a fresh start and create a vacuum for their next target (while also ensuring that they avoid the truth about their actions as well as their own part in the relationship), cannot for the life of them fathom why somebody would do this.But don’t devote too much time to them because you have a life to live…without them.The best rebuttal in this situation is to live your life well instead of hiding away or devoting your life to defending and convincing this person or their homies (or cronies).

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They can find a quick replacement – probably the glitter that caught their eye – and then just fabricate a story about why you broke up and ensure that it’s juicy or awkward enough that people associated with you both, feel it best to either steer clear or ‘take their side’.

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