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The key with hairy, thick materials, is being well cut.The great news is, as the look hasn’t changed for 70 years, anything you buy is a brilliant investment.Sometimes, samples are made up for the Press or the catwalk, but never make it into production.’His choice revived memories of his recent faux pas when he was photographed wearing office shoes without socks while on holiday in Italy.The Camerons are in Scotland as guests of the Queen, who traditionally invites Prime Ministers to spend a weekend with her at the Balmoral estate.One official said the Tory leader may not have been briefed properly.You are on display and need to look smart, British and ‘country’.Onlookers say the visit wasn’t without the odd hitch.At one point the Camerons appeared to be talking to guests while the National Anthem was playing.

All undergraduate students are required to complete the core curriculum, which is designed to provide a balanced liberal arts, science, and military education.The science programs are relevant to occupations in both the Canadian Forces and the civilian sector.Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts gain practical communication and critical thinking skills as well as specialized, hands-on experience in their chosen field.Mrs Cameron, who prides herself on being an ambassador for British fashion, has been lent the Press sample outfit for an indefinite period.Experts estimate the two-piece suit would retail for about £950. A Paul Smith assistant said: ‘The way the fabric has been woven gives it this distinctive look. But it being a Press sample does not mean it will actually go on sale this autumn.

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Cherie Blair notoriously could not stand the event.

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