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• Add your poems and you can become the best author! We will correct dataordelete it as soon as possible. Application authors aren’t responsibleforuse of data available in the application.Yourlikemindedpeople will use the application and they can estimateyou! Any commercial useofapplication data without written permission is prohibited. All poems you can see online will beavailableoffline.• Estimate and discuss poems with other users! If you have rights for a poemorimage and you right wasn’t indicated or you are against itsusingin our application please contact us. Smart design and interactive environment help youtoenjoy poems.• Read poems offline!:) ada 9 hantaran semuanya..semestinya semua makanan...sebab adat orang Penang, hantaran untuk pertunangan ni hanyalah makanan...menda-menda macam baju, perfume, bag, kasut dll tu sume untuk hantaran time akad nikah nanti Ni hantaran yang 1st sekali siap...Sebabnya tak perlu letak dalam peti ais dan lain-lain...lekat-lekat dah siap... Saya guna buah apple merah cinderella, apple hijau, buah lai, buah orange dan segugus anggur... Tak sempat nak sapu minyak untuk kilatkan buah tu pun....

Poetry and Rhymes Help Develop Phonemic Awareness Children reciting rhythmic poetry learn and understand pitch,voiceinflection, and volume.

• In application you can find section of poems recommendedbymoderators, chosen and accident. If you want to add your poems:• You are responsible for your poem content• You are responsible for image attached to your poem• Your poem shouldn’t be copied, only original works.

All poems are divided onfollowingsections: love, nature, family, friendship, life,philosophical,war, funny, horror, animals, blank verse, magic,society, religion,other.• Find new friends and chat with them.• Don’t like advertisement? If we findoutcontrary we have right to delete your poem.

Frpm the English nursery poems the babylearn theenglish by watching the videos of displaying small babiesenglishpoems.poems for kids app access all the poems from the You Tube anddisplayit in your app. Poetry and Rhymes Help Develop Rhythm Reading rhyming poetry out loud makes it easier for youngerchildrento learn new vocabulary words.

This is attributed to the rhythmic structure of the stanzasthathelp create a known context to new and unknown words.

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