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Marzipan is firmer and is used in making candies/chocolates or as fondant for cakes. To adjust this recipe according to what you're using it for, follow this recipe as instructed for almond paste (I still include the rose water because it tastes amazing), or add an extra 1/4 cup or more of ground almonds/almond meal until you reach a firmer consistency (one that you can roll out with a rolling pin without it sticking).

Keep in mind though that it will become firmer after it’s been refrigerated.

There are varying degrees of quality when you buy rose water.

Some are inexpensive, some are very expensive (and some of those aren’t even necessarily better). Whichever brand you buy, make absolutely sure it is food grade rose water. You can find it in many grocery stores or purchase almond extract online here. If that worries you, keep in mind that eggs are pasteurized.

Eine Frage, die dabei auch immer wieder auftaucht - wo werde ich dieses Jahr mein Feuerwerk kaufen?

Da gibt es den Discounter um die Ecke, aber dort anstellen und sich um vermeidliche Schnäppchen prügeln? Die Fachmärkte, mit kompetenter Beratung sterben leider auch zusehends aus. Aber da gibt es ja auch noch den ultimativen Fachmann, den echten Berufsfeuerwerker.

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If I were to weigh how much of that marzipan I ate during my 23 years in Europe it would probably come close to 893 pounds.

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