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Single spinnerbaits (one blade) are the most common and versatile.

They can be fished deep, shallow, and with a variety of retrieves (stop-and-go, straight, helicoptered, fluttered, Yo-Yo).

Additionally they are quiet, non-threatening baits which act naturally.

Properly match the above characteristics to the existing conditions and bass find them quite irresistible. I am not suggesting that spinnerbaits are the magic key to bass catching consistency.

What I am saying is that no other single bait offers the versatility, flexibility, and capability to be properly presented under every imaginable fishing condition and scenario as does the spinnerbait.

They also produce more vibration than tandem blades (two blades).If you had to pick one bait to spend the remainder of your bass angling days fishing with, what would it be?Tough question; especially when one reflects on the multitude of effective bass catching baits on the market today. My hands down, without hesitation, "no brainer" selection would be a spinnerbait. Simple, a spinnerbait is without question the most versatile bait on the market today. Whether you are fishing deep, or just below the surface.As with all baits, don't be afraid to experiment until the bass tell you what they want.Different conditions call for different sizes, colors, and presentations.

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