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I now use my current partner's login with abandon, meaning that his selection of Netflix recommended movies bends to my taste, and he always knows if I've stealth-watched the next episode of our show without him — that's love, right?Well, Netflix has apparently picked up on its growing role in many a romance, since it has just released results from a poll on how the streaming service is changing people's dating lives.In fact, by the time the American version of the show reaches the air the only thing that really remains from the original are the title and the names of most of the characters.While trying to come to terms with the drastic changes being made to their show the writers find themselves surrounded by actors and network executives that seem to have lost any ability to tell the truth or make sensible decisions.In fact, 17% of respondents even advocate waiting for engagement or marriage before taking the leap — they are messing around with their "Top Picks" lists.The findings of the poll also suggest that once a relationship is official, streaming can strengthen it: 58% of those surveyed say they bond with their partner over Netflix.The characters are larger than life and out of touch with reality but still very believable.

Unfortunately, once they arrive, they find that the Network is not really interested in the original concept of the show or the characters that were in it.

The actors in the fictional show, chosen by the network not the writers, are a host of self absorbed misfits.

With one exception, none of them have been able to land a long running series and are desperate to make this one work.

The one successful character, Matt Le Blanc, plays in himself in a strange convergence of fact and fiction that really gives the series a unique spin.

Episodes is a very funny spoof of what goes on behind the scenes in television.

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