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For a quintessential Dubai shopping experience, get lost in the tangle of alleyways and slip under the covered lanes of Dubai’s souks.

Haggle for shimmering fabrics and Aladdin-style slippers at Bur Dubai textile souk before cruising across the creek on an old to inhale heady aromas and buy frankincense and an Emirati incense burner at the Spice Souk.

However, Ukrainian VV troops were not a direct successor of the Soviet Internal Troops (unlike the Internal Troops of Russia) and their structure and tasks had been reformed.

A word on sightseeing: although more liberal than other UAE cities, visitors of both sexes should follow a respectful dress code outside of their hotel, avoiding shorts and revealing or tight-fitting clothing, while women should bring a scarf if visiting places of worship (and all should avoid public displays of affection or drunkenness) A lot older than people think – archaeological digs turned up Bronze Age relics – Dubai offers a handful of superb museums where you can learn about its heritage and culture.

UTR broadcasts on VHF Channel 2 and it replaced by UT-2.

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Rent a vehicle for a scenic 50-minute drive along a smooth highway to the desert oasis town of Al Ain, on the border with Oman.

Stick to the outer lane if you want to stay within the speed limit (and you should), and keep a firm grip on the steering wheel when Emiratis whoosh by at speeds usually reserved for racetracks.

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The VV were used to assist militsiya in policing, deal with riots and internal armed conflicts, and safeguard important facilities such as nuclear power plants.

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