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The new translation is very dignified and requires careful focus.

But the habit of riffing around on the prayers remains among many priests.

We are getting ever closer to an improved liturgy in the English-speaking world.

If the texts can just be ignored, why shouldn’t the faithful themselves feel free to take what they want and otherwise discard core teachings of the faith?

How many choirs know that their processional hymn is displacing the assigned entrance?

How many know that there is a real antiphon assigned at the offertory and that it is not just a time for the choir to sing its favorite number?

The General Instruction says: “it is appropriate that each person, in a sober manner, offer the sign of peace only to those who are nearest.” But even this is vague. What if you are the only person in your section of the pew? And note that no rubric specifies the handshake as the appropriate gesture.

We do that just because this is our cultural custom. In general, this whole part of the Mass invites confusion and awkwardness, and no matter how much we try to solemnize it, it still has more of the feeling of a civic or social activity than a truly liturgical one. At worst, it can result in hurt feelings and all around confusion. Replacing Sung Propers with Something Else Since the earliest centuries, the liturgy assigned particular scriptural texts to particular liturgical days.

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It is an interesting experiment to travel and attend Sunday Mass at a random parish. But they are not permitted to replace liturgical texts with something that they dreamed up on the spot.

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