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I just verified on my mac OS system that I can now logon to a v Sphere Web (Flex) Client without issues.- Adobe just published a new Flash update which looks to resolve the original issue.On my mac OS system, I was lucky that it still contained the previous version and once I copied the Pepper Flash Player.plugin to directory and restarted Flash, I was able to login to the v Sphere Web Client.Although this is not ideal, at least for anyone who MUST use Chrome, there is somewhat of a workaround if you can find a previous copy of Flash.I thought it was just me, but apparently other folks reporting Flash crashing immediately w/Flash Web Client on latest Chrome. pic.twitter.com/8RWby PGLG4 — William Lam (@lamw) October 15, 2017 After a bit of back/fourth and a few other folks chiming in, it looks like Google actually went and published a newer version of Flash ( with latest Chrome (61.0.3163.100) update.This newer Flash version is not even available for download and the current version as listed on Adobe's website should be be aware that the latest version of Flash ( does resolve a major 0-day security vulnerability which is outlined here and reverting its affects can put you and your organizations at risk.

He found that if you still had the previous or even older version of Flash, you could simply delete the latest version and Chrome would function again.

Feel frree to send any feedback to me (Dean Utian).

Shockwave Player is the web standard for powerful multimedia playback.

which is outlined here and reverting its affects can put you and your organizations at risk. One potential option to mitigate the risk of reverting the Flash version is to build a single jumphost VM that contains the workaround and ensuring it does not have any outbound network connectivity and limiting its access.

This can be used temporarily to manage your VMware infrastructure that requires Flash until this issue is resolved by Adobe.

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