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Whether or not the letters, packs and parcels reach their destination tends to be down to chance with the Italian post.I cannot say whether it is Italian postal workers who take a shine to whatever people are sending to one another, or whether it is the postal people in the countries through which the post passes, but I have my suspicions with regard to Italian post workers.The point is that posting items to Genoa (Genova in Italian) seems to be safe. Genoa, for those who do not know, is in north Italy.On 15 July, I ordered a couple of items from Germany. Actually, I’m happy to say that the order from Germany did get to me.To keep curious hands from understanding whether something is worth stealing, if you are sending things to Italy, pop items like DVDs, CDs or clothes in a rigid cardboard box. Printed addresses add, along with the boring brown envelope, to the ‘this is official, and thus of no value’ impression.Otherwise the chances of these things mysteriously evaporating will be considerably higher. Instead, invest in those self-adhesive labels you can run through an ink jet or laser printer, and print that address. In case you can’t be bothered to take a trip down to the local stationers or computer shop to buy those self-adhesive labels, a piece of white paper on which the address has been printed, and which is then taped or, better, glued to a boring brown envelope, could be used as a do it yourself sticky label alternative.

I suspect he has the things he orders posted to his offices, but I’m not sure – I’ll ask him about this the next time I see him.

Fingers crossed that this one makes it to me in Italy. The package arrived in Milan, where I live, in good time and in perfect condition.

I ordered, via, a memory card from a German company for my camera on January 6th.

However, it is possible that the extensive list of items which cannot be sent to Italy from the USA – linked to above – may be to blame for certain items never arriving at destinations in Italy.

Those living in the USA need to check the list carefully before assuming Italian postal workers are light fingered.

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It arrived at my home in Milan, Italy on January 10th using normal postal service.

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