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It is believed that Rapanui is currently undergoing a shift towards more Spanish sentence structure.

Rongorongo, a system of glyphs discovered in the 1800s, is believed to represent an older version of the Rapanui language.

At the 2002 census there were 3,304 island inhabitants—almost all living in the village of Hanga Roa on the sheltered west coast.A common hypothesis is held that the apparent decline of Rapa Nui culture and society before European discovery in 1722 was caused by the over-exploitation of the island’s environment, most notably through deforestation of almost all the island’s trees.The most prominent proponent of this explanation is Jared Diamond who proposes a scenario for the "ecocide" on Easter Island in his 2005 book Collapse.Modern Rapanui music has had Latin American influences creating new genres such as the Rapa Nui style of tango.Matato'a, one of the most famous musical groups on the island, promotes traditional styles of dance and music.

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Some moai have hats of red volcanic stone known as Pukao.

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