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co-star, Alexandra Daddario while they were promoting the movie.The 31-year-old posted several snaps on her Instagram — including one of him kissing her cheek — and since then, rumors of the two have been swirling. The paparazzi were ever-present to snap behind-the-scenes photos (bless you, 2017!) of the costars, er, , but it's hard to read true chemistry from a photo alone. To start, it's important to mention that Daddario actually plays a potential love interest of Efron's character.For anyone who has been avoiding trailers or reviews for fear of spoiling any shirtless scenes (there are far too many for that, so go forth and ogle), Efron plays Matt Brody, a disgraced former Olympian who comes to join the Baywatch team as a PR move; Daddario plays a fellow recruit-in-training.There are all sorts of hijinks and over-the-top water rescues and some very disturbing cameos by Dwayne Johnson's absurdly large thighs, but in between those frankly unnecessary plot points are the interactions between these two surely lovebirds. We have no idea how many takes they did on this, but we could see the attraction even through his tinted lenses.

From A-listers like Vanessa Hudgens and Lily Collins to Halston Sage and Michelle Rodriguez, the actor certainly knows how to pick 'em.

In an image of the pair taken on-set, Rebecca could be seen gazing into Zac's face as he looked directly at the camera.

"A pic is worth a thousand words," he wrote in the caption.

It makes about as much sense to the plot as it did to the confused masses of the Internet at the time, but no matter: Zac's bicep veins are there to make you forget about things like Really, though, the bulk of the two actors' on-screen interactions consist of Zac giving googly eyes to Alexandra's boobs.

He gives her/them googly eyes through binoculars, he gives her/them googly eyes while she bounces up and down, he gives her/them googly eyes even when she point-blank calls him out for giving her/them googly eyes.

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Okay, so that sounds pretty cut and dry—but it was technically a kiss on the cheek, which could totally happen between friends.

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